Banish the darkness with Ring HID headlight bulbs

Ring 130 bulbs for 130% more light

This winter, make the dark commute a little brighter – and safer ­­– with Ring Automotive’s incredible Xenon 130 HID headlight bulbs.
Ring’s Xenon 130 HID headlight bulbs flood the road with a massive 130% more light than a standard bulb, meaning the longer, darker nights won’t leave you struggling to read road signs and spot hidden hazards. They are brighter, whiter and a simple, legal replacement for your normal bulbs.

  • +130% more light on the road
  • 60m longer beam pattern than standard halogens
  • 3700K colour temperature for white light
  • Whiter light gives better reflections from signs and road markings
  • E approved and road legal
  • Award Winner: Auto Express Commended 2017

Auto Express Commended product

Thanks to their advanced filament technology and their use of 100% xenon gas, Xenon 130 bulbs emit light that is similar in quality to daylight and can illuminate the road in front of you by an extra 60 metres compared to conventional bulbs.

In road safety terms, where reaction time and hazard awareness is everything, think what a difference that extra 60 metres of visibility could make…

Changing to Xenon 130s, carrying out some simple vehicle checks and practicing good driving habits could really help keep you stay safe on the roads at night and make the shortening daylight hours less daunting.

Buy in store or online

You can either pop into your local branch of Wilco Motosave, click and reserve these on our website for collection at your local store, or order online for delivery to your door.

Fitted while you wait

Not sure which you need? Not happy fitting these yourself? No problem! Our staff can help. We will fit your new bulbs while you wait. Contact us for more information or ask at your local branch.
(Small fitting charge will apply.)

Tips for driving in the dark

A higher proportion of fatal road accidents occur between 6pm and 6am and driving in these hours brings about a new set of challenges for motorists. Here are some tips for driving safely at night.
Check your lights regularly
Clean covers with damp, non-abrasive cloth if dirty.
Keep your windscreen, mirrors and windows clean
Using newspaper to wipe glass surfaces can remove smears and marks that impair visibility at night. Make sure you are familiar with your car’s aircon/heater controls to keep your windows from misting up in the cold winter temperatures. An in-car dehumidifier can also help avoid misty windows.
Have your eyes tested regularly
Always remember your glasses if you need them.
Keep cabin lights in the car very low
(or off completely) and keep gadgets like satnavs set to a dark screen mode so your forward vision is not affected.
Stay sober, alert and refreshed
Remain aware of unexpected hazards such as badly-lit cyclists, pedestrians, drunk drivers & wild animals. If you feel sleepy, take a break and grab a caffeinated drink and some fresh air to perk you up.
If you are dazzled by the lights of an oncoming car, don’t panic
Look to the road markings for guidance if possible. Likewise, avoid dazzling oncoming motorists with your full beams. Study the road ahead of you for signs of approaching cars and dip your headlights accordingly.

First published 17.10.17. Updated 25.10.18.