Dash Cams – Your Eyes on The Road

Dashboard in the rain

Do you ever wish you’d been filming an incident to prove that it wasn’t your fault?
Well, now you can.

The perfect witness
Dashboard cameras are the perfect eyewitness on the road. Dash cams ensure that you cannot be blamed unfairly. If you’ve been involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault, having footage to prove it can save a lot of hassle with the police as well as your insurers. Any investigator using a dashboard camera to sort through conflicting eyewitness testimony can see the facts immediately. See our full range of dash cams.

Avoiding the scammers
Also, dash cams can be a fantastic help if you’re caught in a ‘crash for cash’ scam. Professional fraudsters target innocent drivers by contriving incidents that cost drivers and insurers around £400 million a year.

Signs to look out for
Was the other driver suspiciously calm for someone who has just been in a road accident and just happened to have all of their insurance details handy in the way that no-one ever does? Were they perfectly fine at the scene but suddenly grievously injured in a vague and difficult-to-prove way the second they filed the paperwork? In cases like these, footage from a dash camera ensures that you are in the clear. It also means the law can catch and punish the scammers.

Holiday album
Dashboard cameras are also a great way to record the best bits of your scenic holiday. YouTube is just waiting for your travel log!

The science bit
Dashboard cameras are like any other modern camera: easy to operate, reliable and available at reasonable prices. Full HD resolution (1080p), GPS and night vision are on most models. And, like satnav, most run off your car’s cigarette lighter. Prices vary from model to model. Think about how much a legal settlement could cost if you lost … this could be the best money you ever spent!
View our range of dash cams

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