Cars are becoming increasingly technical, with the ‘brains’ of the car, its ECU, taking lots of information from various sensors on the vehicle. If your car has a problem the ECU will store it in its memory, and if it occurs three times it will bring your warning light on.

At Wilco Motosave our trained diagnostic technicians can help you with this potential minefield.

Diagnostics Scan

Our scan tools identify what has caused the problem and help us find a solution. We are happy to show you how much information has come from your car, and explain what we are going to do next to repair the fault.

Don’t worry, if you are unsure just talk to our helpful team at your local branch.

Health Check

As part of the Basic Maintenance Service we offer a Health Check. We plug in a scan tool which communicates with the ECU and reads any hidden or pending fault codes (faults that have occurred less than three times). We will let you know the results of this scan.  If you would like us to investigate those faults we can do that too.