Family Travel Essentials

Family Trips Away in the UK

Many of you have decided that lost luggage, dodgy tummies and the names of your misplaced children being read out over the airport tannoy is not for you. You know through experience that it’s easier, cheaper and far more relaxed to caravan, camp or rent a cottage here in the UK! You already have the right currency, you speak the language and you can take everything you need with you … if you remember it, that is!
So here is our list of domestic family holiday essentials you need to take to make your UK stay-cation even easier.

Roof box

With a roof box, the luggage and souvenirs that don’t fit in the car will be kept nice and dry and the aerodynamic design can help with fuel economy too! See our range of roof boxes.

Roof bars

If you’re taking larger or more awkward items that won’t fit in a roof box – like skiis – roof bars are the answer. Plus, you need a set of these to fix your roof box in place anyway… Check which roof bars your car model needs.

Phone charger

Make sure you’re ready for any emergency with a fully charged phone/tablet because they do seem to run out at the most inopportune moments. We sell chargers to fit all phones.

Phone holder

Make sure you’re operating your mobile phone safely while driving. Make sure you have the address and directions to your destination before you set off so you don’t get distracted when you’re on the road. Find a phone holder to fit your phone.

Tablet holders

Perfect for keeping the kids entertained in the back without hearing the inevitable ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ or breaking the latest toy. Tablet holders are a family must-have. Find a tablet holder to fit your device.

Dog guard

UK holidaying means you can take your dogs, but having kids and dogs clambering over everything is a recipe for disaster, so make sure one or other is kept safely behind a dog guard. Of course, you’ve got the space because you’ve got a roof box for the luggage… We have a range of dog guards.

Cycle carrier

Taking bicycles with you is a great way to explore the countryside with the family and stay fit while you do it. It’s essential that your bike rack fits the number of bikes you’re taking and your car. We can help you make the right choice. View our range of cycle carriers.

First aid kit

You always hope you don’t need one, but having a first aid kit is always a relief – if only for minor cuts and scrapes. They’re cheap and compact and give you peace of mind – especially if you have young children in tow.


We have a huge range of lighting options from head-mounted torches to LED work lights. It’s amazing how much we take our domestic lighting for granted, so don’t get left in the dark in a tent! See our range of torches.

Fire extinguisher

Every car should have a fire extinguisher, but all too few drivers don’t have one. We all hope we never have to use one, and many of us are lucky enough not to have needed one – but you just don’t want to be the person who needed one and didn’t have one – especially if you have children. If you’re going camping or caravanning, don’t forget you’ll need one in your caravan or tent too!

Sun blinds

Despite the UK’s poor weather reputation, it can get very hot in the back of a car! Your children may be too young to know when they need one, so be ahead of the game by carrying a set of sun shades.

Of course, ensure your car is ready for the trip by topping up your oil, water and screenwash levels if needed, and check your tyre pressures. Read more about tyre care. If you have any queries about any of these items or their uses, why not pop in and see us, or give us a bell, our friendly staff are more than happy to answer any of your queries.
Have fun on your holidays!