Fuel Can Frenzy

In the last few weeks we’ve seen sales of fuel cans soar since the fuel purchasing restrictions have been actioned in France and the knock on effects for those travelling from the UK to France increases. The restrictions were put in place after workers held strikes and protests disrupting 6 of France’s 8 oil refineries over controversial labour reforms.
Hard-pressed motorists, concerned by the threat of strike action, are worried that the pumps may run dry leaving them stranded as staff at 16 of France’s 19 nuclear power plants have voted for a one day strike. As many as 40% of petrol stations around Paris have been struggling to get fuel already.
For drivers travelling over to France it is advisable to check with the Ferry Company you are travelling with to see if you are able to take additional fuel on board. Some do not allow the transportation of fuel at all while others allow up to 5 litres of diesel per vehicle in an approved container. The Eurotunnel allows up to 30 litres of fuel to be driven over, depending on the type of container. It’s important to remember that some parts of France have restrictions on carrying fuel too so it is wise to fill up before you cross the channel.
Richard Shortis, Wilco Motosave’s Managing Director said, “Our stores have seen a dramatic rise in the number of fuel cans being sold, with sales on some fuel cans seeing a five-fold increase so far”. Mr Shortis continued, “We are rushing extra stock into our stores to cope with the increased demand”.
If you’re planning a European trip and are travelling by car you may also wish to look into a Euro Travel kit as this includes all the legal requirements for driving in Europe.
If you’re unsure of which fuel can is appropriate for your needs please do pop into your local branch or contact us via our online contact form. You can also view a range of fuel cans online at Wilco Direct.

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