Go Where No Other Biker Would Fear To Tread


The Challenge… Extreme Off Road Fun!

Do you Dare?

Coyote Fatman Fat Tire bikes run on 4˝ by 26” rims. Such a large footprint allows you to ride them at very low pressure, so the tyres act like snow shoes which enables amazing traction and the ability to float over all kinds of terrain…wet stuff, roots, rocks, pebbles, gravel, sand, and many types of snow. The Coyote Fatman allows you to have fun where no other bike rider would fear to tread.


Feel the Pressure

Fat Tyre bikes ride differently to normal mountain bikes, they are by their very size heavier (around 20kg) and built for very rough terrain. But to conquer everything you need to, adjust the tyre pressure.
5-10 psi is perfect for riding over sand, wet or dry. Snow or just very wet country tracks.
40 psi is perfect for concrete paths, tarmac or country tracks.
Remember the harder the ground the higher the pressure in the tyres needs to be. We only recommend that these bikes are used for extreme fun off road and not for on road use.

How to look after my Fatman bike?

The Fat tyre bike is essentially exactly the same as a normal Mountain bike. Except we have built in the extra strength to the frame with hi-tensile strength tubing. This is to cope with the extra demands of the riding terrain and also the extra weight the tires put on it. All the components are freely available and also the bike is covered by a 12 months guarantee.

Never Tyre of this bike

Ridding a Fat Tyre bike is quite different to a normal bike. At a svelte 22kg it is actually quite a fast ride as it keeps the momentum flowing very well. The bikes come equipped with a 7 speed Shimano Ez fire STI gear set, so it is easy to get up to speed and very easy to keep it at a constant pace. The Fatman is extremely stable in a straight line and once you have mastered cornering it gives you massive confidence even on the roughest ground.
Stopping is amazing, as all the bikes come equipped with radius mechanical disc brakes, with alloy brake levers, which aid stopping in the wet.
This bike is all about fun! About going further than you thought off road and even trips to the beach or across those snowy fields.
The Fatman bike is available with a 17″ frame in White or Matt Grey. View the full specification at or pop into your local branch and get yours today!

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