Choosing the right type of tyres

Size is everything

In order to replace your tyres you’ll need to know the size you need. You should be able to find this information embossed on the side of your current tyres, looking something like this: 195/65/R15.

Tyre Size Guide


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Going the extra mile

Of course when buying tyres price is a factor, with premium brands tending to be the most expensive and budget ranges the cheapest. However, for everyday use a mid-range tyre like a Cooper Tyre is ideal. Blending performance, economy, handling and good wet grip into a tyre.
Fuel-efficient tyres are available in grades A-G, with A being the most efficient. The results may vary between vehicles and driving conditions, but using an A-grade set of tyres could reduce fuel consumption by up to 7.5% in comparison with a G-grade set (dependent on make).
Look out for this, the fuel-efficient label –

Fuel Efficiency Label


Under the weather

Certain areas of the UK are wetter than others and if you have to use your car regularly you are more likely to face adverse weather conditions on the roads.
Wet-grip tyres can shorten your braking distance on those slippery roads. They come with various ratings from A-Gthe higher the rating the better the grip and the shorter the braking distance. Choosing an A-rated wet-grip tyre could improve your braking distance by up to 30% (dependent on make).
Look out for the wet-grip label

Wet Grip Label


Making the most of your tyres

Choosing the right tyres goes a long way to making significant fuel savings and increasing road safety, but these factors also depend very much on driver behaviour.
So our advice is, remember:

  • Eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure should be regularly checked for maximum road safety, wet-grip performance and fuel efficiency
  • Stopping distances should always be strictly respected

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