Maintenance Service

servicing and mOTs

Regular maintenance of your car is essential to prolong the life of the vehicle and assist in retaining resale value. It also allows us to identify any problems, reduce the risk of a breakdown and keep your vehicle running at its most efficient.

At Wilco Motosave, our friendly and experienced technicians are happy to carry out all your servicing requirements. We recommend an annual service however if you have high mileage we suggest you pop in every 12,000 miles. It is always wise to check your manufacturer’s handbook for guidance if you are unsure.

What is included in our Service?

  • Oil and Oil filter replaced
  • Spark plugs replaced (not applicable if a diesel)
  • Air filter condition check
  • Screenwash top-up
  • Antifreeze / coolant levels and strength checked
  • Battery condition checked
  • Inspect tyre tread and condition, wheel balancing and alignment check (all 5 tyres)
  • Inspect condition and operation of wipers and lights
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks/condition
  • Inspect shock absorbers for leaks/wear
  • Inspect brake pads, shoes, discs and drums
  • Inspect wheel cylinders, calipers and bearings
  • Inspect alternator and belt
  • Inspect handbrake and adjust if needed

A road test will be completed afterwards and a full report will be provided with any recommendations for further work that may be required.

All our stores keep a comprehensive range of parts in stock, which means you won’t need to wait for parts to arrive. As part of our commitment to value, the price you pay for parts should come as a pleasant surprise.

Our comprehensive Maintenance Service starts at only £89.99 plus the retail price of the parts used, and this includes a diagnostic health check.

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Guarantee / Warranty

Every effort is made to ensure materials are in sound condition and good workmanship is carried out at all times. All parts are covered by your standard 12-month/12,000 mile guarantee (unless stated otherwise on your invoice).

MOT Testing

Trust Wilco Motosave for your MOT testing requirements. We would be pleased to arrange an MOT test with an independent testing station for your peace of mind. We will then be happy to provide a quote for any repair work required.

Free Electrical Checks

Simply ask us for a  free no-obligation check on your alternator or starter motor when you arrive for your service. We keep stocks of various alternators and starter motors so you won’t have to wait long if any new parts are required.

Free Winter Checks

At Wilco Motosave we put your safety first, so we offer a free Winter Check to ensure you’re safe on the road and prepared for the cold months.

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