Should I buy part-worn tyres?

Part Worn Tyres = Part Safe

Part-worn tyres are second-hand tyres that have previously been used by somebody else. Buying them might, at first, seem like a good way to save money. In the UK it is not illegal to buy or sell part-worn tyres as long as vendors abide by the law.
We believe part-worn tyres are best avoided and have therefore decided, as a business, that we are not going to offer them. Why were they removed from the car in the first place? Where did they come from? Have they been adequately tested? Will they invalidate my insurance? All these are questions you should think about before you think of buying part-worn tyres.
We don’t think it is worth the risk – part worn tyres are possibly the worst value tyres a motorist can buy.

How worn are they?

Some part-worn tyres come from Germany where the minimum legal tread depth is 3mm. In the UK it is only 1.6mm. This means that much of the legal tread might have been worn already. At first glance they might seem like good value for money, but tyres often wear out their tread more quickly once they are half-worn. A brand new tyre might have 8mm of tread, so will last much longer and offer better value for money in the long-term.

Insurance and illegal sales

In the event of an accident, insurance companies may not cover your vehicle if it is fitted with part-worn tyres. Many part-worn tyres are sold illegally, as they do not conform to the relevant tyre testing, inspection and marking laws. A recent survey* carried out by TyreSafe found that up to 98% of used tyres sold in Britain did not comply with regulations, while 34% could be considered dangerous.

Part worn = part safe

If someone has removed a set of tyres from their car, it is likely because they do not consider them to be safe. Are they good enough for you?
Scrimping on the one piece of car that makes contact with the road by fitting part worn tyres to your vehicle is, in our opinion, not worth the risk.

Affordable other options

We stock a wide range of tyres from budget brands to premium suppliers. For an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on safety, ask us about the Cooper Tires range that come with a free lifetime warranty, which includes accidental damage against unrepairable punctures (excluding winter, 4×4, commercial & run-flat tyres).

I’m not sure if my tyres are safe

Visit your local branch and ask us for a completely free, no-obligation visual tyre safety check. No need to book, just drop in! We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. We will advise you on the current status of your tyres and let you know if we think you should consider replacing them.
Find your local branch or read more about our range of tyres.

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