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Cooper Tires have over 100 years experience in the industry and have perfected various ranges of tyre to suit your motoring needs. They offer a great range of car, 4×4, winter and high-performance tyres which have been designed and developed to match today’s high specifications.

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Cooper tyres, engineered in the UK

Cooper Tires Lifetime Warranty

Our range of high-quality Cooper car tyres are available with a free lifetime warranty, which includes accidental damage against unrepairable punctures (excluding; winter, 4×4, commercial, & runflat tyres).

We have chosen to stock several ranges at Wilco Motosave, the Discoverer All-Season, CS7, CS2, Cs8, 4XS and the CS Sport, however other ranges are available upon request.

You may be wondering which one is right for your vehicle. Each tyre is designed for a different use and our trained technicians will be able to advise you.

Discoverer All Season – subject to availability

The Cooper® Discoverer All Season is Cooper Tires’ first all-season tire, designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather all year round. Built to last and delivering superior wear results, the latest all-season silica and resin technology provide a compound that provides grip in diverse temperatures. Designed to provide a quiet (71db) and comfortable ride, with reduced pass-by noise in all conditions.

Cooper All-Season Tyre

Cooper Zeon CS7

Quiet-running and ideal for the typical compact car, with technological features that make driving both enjoyable and economical. The optimised tread gauge distributes load evenly, lowering rolling resistance. Designed with a more uniform footprint resulting in improved tread wear. Noise damping nodes in the tread grooves of the CS7 reduce airborne noise from contact with the road. A high definition silica compound has been used in the CS7 for enhanced traction, as well as improved wet braking, lateral grip and steering response.


Cooper CS7

Cooper Zeon CS8

This is a great all weather tyre with high dispersion silica tread the CS8 tyre provides improved performance in wet conditions with ‘A Rated’ wet grip as well as excellent traction on dry surfaces. Ideal for medium-sized cars, the CS8 has a Wear Square™ visual indicator which allows a quick check on approximate tread life remaining, indicating any potential wheel alignment issues with the vehicle so that you can get this checked by professional as soon as possible. It also reduces airborne noise generated by the tyre/road interaction. A built-in functional rim flange protector is fitted on all tyre sizes help to minimise kerb damage to the rims of alloy wheels. The CS8 tyre is available in a wide range of fitments from 15” to 18” rim diameters with V, W and Y speed ratings.

Cooper CS8

Cooper CS2

The Cooper CS2 is a great everyday tyre choice for small family cars. Better fuel economy than its equivalent predecessor due to an average 7% lower rolling resistance. Improved tread compound give a longer tyre life and a new tread design and structural enhancements which have resulted in a 10% improvement over its predecessor offering a quieter ride and enhanced handling performance. The CS2 tyre conforms to all the applicable EU legislation for noise and wet grip and the three wide circumferential tyre grooves, with the open inner shoulders help provide excellent aquaplaning resistance.

Cooper CS2

Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport

The Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport has been developed with a new asymmetric tread pattern which is specifically designed to cope with the weight of large SUVs. Designed for medium and large SUV fitments, the new 4XS Sport offers outstanding ‘A grade’ wet grip and handling. Large circumferential grooves in the tread clear water quickly and efficiently from the contact patch to reduce the risk of aquaplaning in the wet, while a large central rib increases feel and driving response of the tyre. The tyre was also designed to help eliminate uneven wear, improve steering response and to reduce contact noise on the road.

Cooper 4XS Sport

Cooper Zeon CS Sport

The Cooper Zeon CS Sport has been designed and developed with the driving enthusiast in mind with a select range of 18” to 20” sizes, W and Y speed rated for ultra high performance vehicles. The sport design is intended to optimise tyre performance and maximise the driving experience. The high dispersion silica tread provides improved wet performance with ‘A Rated’ Wet grip as well as excellent traction in dry conditions. Opti-noise technology ensures quieter running and improved driver comfort. Enhanced steering response and improved high speed performance makes this tyre essential for those drivers striving for excellence.

Cooper CS Sport