Why Buy a Dashcam?

In the event of an accident

The main reason why dashcams are so popular is that they provide evidence in case of an accident. A dash cam acts as an independent, trusted witness in the event of any incident or argument over who is to blame. They provide peace of mind and may save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run, capturing every detail of what has taken place.
Many modern dashcams include GPS to record driving speed and the route you have taken, and this can be useful information too.
Dashcam footage

Insurance fraud

Some people cause accidents just to put the blame on the other party in an effort to obtain money from the victim, and/or payment relating to injuries sustained from their insurers. If you have a dashcam to prove you aren’t to blame it will make proving this much easier.
Insurance claims

For the record

Going on a particularly important or unforgettable journey? If you want to keep those memories, a dashcam recording of your trip can be shared and watched again and again.

Great features

Modern dashcams come with a variety of useful features. Most now record in great quality Full HD video. Some include GPS for tracking speed and location. Most also now come with LCD screens that include touchscreen technology for ease of use on-the-go.
Dashcam features

Capture the unexpected

Sometimes unusual things happen unexpectedly and having a dashcam will ensure you don’t miss them! Remember the driver’s dashcam recording of the meteor that flew over Russia that was seen by millions of people on YouTube? You never know what you might miss without one!

In conclusion

A dashcam is a sound investment when you realise the quality of technology you can now get at a great price, and the peace of mind owning one gives you in the event of an incident. We never want to imagine the worst happening, but it’s good to be prepared.

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