Windscreen Wiper Blades Q&A

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Windscreen Wiper Blade Q&A

When should I check my wiper blades and how often should I change them?

Always check when it is nice and dry. Blades usually need to be changed annually for motorists or more often if you cover a high mileage, for example 18,000 miles+.

How do I check for damage and what can I do to prevent damage?

Lift the wiper blades off your car windscreen and run your hand along it to check for any cracks, splits or damage. Do not use windscreen wipers on the windscreen of the car when it’s dry as it will cause wear and tear.

What are the signs that I need new wiper blades?

  • Unwashed margins
  • Bands of rain
  • Juddering
  • Making a noise
  • Wind lift

Am I in danger if I continue to use damaged wiper blades?

Defective wipers could increase the risk of an accident through poor vision and damage your windscreen too.

Could my vehicle fail its MOT with wiper blades in a poor condition?

Your car could fail its MOT if the Wiper Blades are insecure, missing or in a condition where it does not clear the windscreen effectively for adequate vision.

What are the advantages of Champion Wiper Blades?

Champion Wiper Blades are high-quality windscreen wipers. The Champion Aeroadvantage range of direct replacement flat wiper blades have a streamline, stylish blade profile. Designed to fit modern vehicle windscreens, they give outstanding wipe quality and improved aerodynamics. Less wiper area is exposed to wind forces, leading to a reduction in wind-lift and noise.

Aeroadvantage wipers are designed to perform in the toughest heavy-duty environments, offer outstanding resistance to corrosion and the extremes of temperatures and UV radiation.

  • New Technology Wiper Blade Product
  • All-Weather Performance Blade
  • High-Quality Design
  • Easy to Fit

Visit us at your local branch and we would be happy to supply you with new wiper blades. We can fit them for you for a small fee, or you can take them away to fit yourself.

Alternatively, find the right wiper blades for your vehicle at Wilco Direct.