Winter Essentials

It’s important to be prepared for accidents, delays and breakdowns at any time of the year. In the winter however, weather conditions can be particularly unforgiving meaning that your vehicle has to work harder. And as the weather changes unexpectedly, it can be all too easy to wake up and find that you have run out of de-icer or that your car battery has gone flat. Don’t get caught out this winter, be prepared with our top 10 essential winter products, available at all our local branches while stocks last.

Ice Scraper and De-Icer

Ice Scraper & De-Icer

Cleaning your windscreen before setting off doesn’t just keep you safe, it’s a legal requirement. Holts Aerosol De-Icer and the Simply 3-in-1 Ice Scraper are popular and inexpensive products that will help keep you safe on the road this winter.

Wilco Screenwash

Screen Wash

Screenwash keeps grit and muck at bay while you travel as well as reducing smudges from your wiper blades. Wilco’s own brand of concentrated and ready-mixed screen wash products have been formulated for excellent performance at low temperatures and are lightly fragranced for added freshness.

BlueSpot Torch


With less daylight at this time of year it makes sense to have a durable torch that you can rely on. This great torch from BlueSpot features a directional light for locating items in your vehicle as well as a mountable magnetic light panel, ideal for roadside work and visibility.

Prestone Universal Coolant


Coolant is used to keep your engine running smoothly and helps prevent corrosion all year round. Prestone’s Universal Coolant is guaranteed for all car makes and can be used to top up whichever colour coolant is already in your vehicle.

Maypole Windscreen Cover

Windscreen Protector

A windscreen cover prevents icing over, protects your windscreen wipers from tugging and saves you the hassle of scraping ice from your vehicle first thing in the morning. The Maypole Deluxe Windscreen Protector is simple to fit, dries quickly and packs away easily when not in use.

Ring Xenon150 Bulbs

Headlight Bulbs

Headlight bulbs deteriorate over time and their brightness can significantly drop without them blowing. Ring Automotive’s Xenon150 bulbs are among the brightest road legal bulbs available on the market. They give off a whopping 150% more light than standard bulbs which makes them the perfect upgrade for improving your vision as the nights draw in.

Ring Analogue Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Correctly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency and handling. Over-inflated tyres however can result in less traction on the road which can reduce your braking distance. Ring Automotive’s Air Compressors rapidly inflate your tyres and plug straight into your on-board power supply.

Valeo Windscreen Wipers

Wiper Blades

We recommend regularly inspecting your wiper blades for wear or damage to ensure they clear your windscreen quickly and effectively. Unsure which you need? Visit your local branch – we are happy to help advise which you need, and can fit your new wiper blades for you for a small fee if preferred.

AA First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Many people still don’t carry a first aid kit in their vehicle in case of emergencies. This AA first aid kit meets European travel standards and comes packed with everything needed to cleanse, dress and bandage an injury.

Hilka Jump Starter Power Bank

Jump Starter & Power Bank

This amazing gadget acts as a jump starter, power bank and emergency torch. Capable of jump-starting petrol engines up to 3.5L and diesel engines up to 2.5L, get peace of mind knowing that you own the tool required to get your car up and running in a moment of crisis.

Stay safe on the roads this winter!